Signs of Domestic Abuse

Signs of Domestic Abuse

Signs of domestic abuse

It isn’t easy to recognise if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse or is in an unhealthy relationship. Violence and abuse are experienced in a myriad of ways and can include emotion abuse, sexual abuse and financial abuse.

Lokahi has compiled a list of potential signs of domestic abuse to be mindful of, and while this is written in the guise of a straight man/woman, remember that abuse knows no gender or sexual preference boundary.

    Are you being pressured for commitment too quickly? Is he getting too serious too hurriedly?
    Does he become angry if you’re late? Always asking where you are and who you were with?
    Are you being accused of cheating? Does he want to be with you constantly and follow you?
    Does he try to control what you wear and consistently wants you to ask permission to do things?
    Do you find yourself being isolated from friends and family? Does he distance you from contacting people? Is he controlling your access to a car? Are you getting in trouble for talking on the phone?
    Are you being made to give up your financial autonomy? Does he control your bank accounts and credit cards?
    Does he stop you from accessing social media? Is he regulating your emails and online activity?
    Does he blame you for anything that goes wrong?
    Are you being made to feel responsible for how he feels? Is he easily insulted and blows things out of proportion?
    Does he have rapid and extreme mood swings?
    Do you find he is cruel or disrespectful to animals or children?
    Does he try to manipulate you into sexual compliance? Is he showing little concern over whether you want to have sex or not?
    Does he break things, beat on tables, throw objects to inspire fear?
    Are you being physically restrained during arguments? Is he using weapons, kicking, hitting, slapping when angry?

If you think you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse remember to be supportive, encouraging and open. Remember to call 000 if it is an emergency, and find a list of support services below:

  • 1800RESPECT is the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service. You can contact them on 1800 737 732
  • Lifeline has a national number who can help put you in contact with a crisis service in your State. Contact them on 13 11 14
  • Relationships Australia has support groups and counselling on relationships, and for abusive and abused partners. Connect to them on 1300 264 277
  • WESNET the Women’s Services Network is a national women’s peak advocacy body which works on behalf of women and children who are experiencing or have experienced domestic or family abuse. You can contact them on 1800 937 638
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